burberry rain boots - yay or nay?

  1. [​IMG]
    Do you like them? would you wear them? yay or nay? thanks!!
  2. I think they are cute, and are really useful too. I purchased a black ferragamo rain boot last year and have gotten so much use out of them along the rainy city streets.
  3. Rain boots can serve a great purpose if you live in a city where it rains alot. I have a pair in just plain black.

    I like the Burberry boots, i would certainly wear them on a rainy day.
  4. I have the regular color print ones- I LOVE them!! I always get compliments when I wear them.
  5. I say YAY! So much that I want a pair myself.. but for some reason, I can't find them on the neimanmarcus site.. Can you give me a link please? Thanks so much! (and go GO GO get them! heheh once the rain comes and you're living in those cuties, you'll be glad you did!)
  6. The idea of a rain boot is okay, but this particular pair I'm not fond of. I guess I'd want rain boots to be more neutral (black or dark brown).
  7. I love them but I don't wear rain boots at all but if you do, go for it!
  8. this is a toughie:
    on one hand, i think they are very cute and make a classic rain boot look adorable
    then on the other hand, i think they are quite tacky

    everytime i look at them my mind changes.....hahahhaha

    i guess ill go with YAY becuase thats what majority of the ppl are saying!
  9. i think they are a 'yay'!! how much are they? hehe
  10. they're cute and funny!!!
    where i live there's no reason for wearing those since it never rains so much, but if i had the opportunity to wear them, i would....they're cute!!!:heart:
  11. LOL! entertainment.
  12. HI! I believe they retail for $125 on the nm site. I got them on sale though. But now I'm trying to decide what I can wear it with. I never own a pair of rain boots before. So this is very new to me. The only motivation I got for getting them is that I just purchased a whole set of raingear outfit for my 2 years old, and I thought it would be fun to be able to splash on the puddles with her when the rain season comes.