Burberry Rain Boots - what to wear with?

  1. Hi :smile: I'm new here. If this post isn't in the right place, I apologize and will move it if need be!

    After weeks, maybe months, of longing to own a pair of Burberry rain boots I finally purchased Nordstrom's last pair! They are the classic kind and oh so beautiful. I'm delighted to finally have them and am now hoping for rain. :p My only dilemma is coming up with some cute outfits to wear with them. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately, I don't own a pair if skinny jeans (just not really my style). It's a little difficult trying to stuff my boot cut Citizens into them, haha. But, yes, I'm open to all the advice y'all are willing to give!
    Thank you!
  2. congrats on your new classic burberry rainboots!

    i tuck my skinny jeans into my burberry rainboots. but if you're not into skinny jeans, maybe you can try them with leggings or opaque tights?
  3. The SA told me if I had trouble tucking my jeans into them then ...first put on knee high socks, then tuck your jeans into the socks & then finally put the boots on. I haven't tried this but that is what she suggested. Hope it helps =)
  4. ^ That trick only works with bootcut I believe, any other kind of leg that is not fitted around the knee area (such as wide leg) will fold over and then you can tell that you aren't wearing skinny jeans.
  5. I actually "googled" this question and it lead me here- why didn't I come here first! lol Its raining out, and I got my first pair this week too, cant wait to get out and wear them. Thanks everyone!:heart:
  6. How about black leggings or even jeggings? Perhaps black shorts w/black opaque tights?
  7. I considered buying a pair, then was like no, it's summer soon I will wait till fall..then it rained for a week haha

    I was planning to wear them with black leggings, a tank or plain tee of some kind ( white or grey) and a long beige cardigan. Oh and I was going to use my clear bubble umbrella.
  8. I just got my pair (they are in the grey mega check though) and I LOVE them!!

    I wear mine with straight leg/skinny jeans, leggings or with opaque/patterned tights and a shortish dress... with a trench on top :biggrin:
  9. I wear mine with skinny jeans but plan on wearing them with short shorts in the summertime :smile: