Burberry rain boots or Chloe mocassin?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I need help in deciding which to get. On one hand, I love the rain boots and am in need of them since the weather's been pretty unpredictable & the winter is coming soon. One question about them though, do you girls feel like they can be worn on a regular day when it's not raining/snowing??

    On the other hand, the chloe mocassin would be perfect for casual use & when I have work. Plus they are LOVELY and my size is so difficult to find so the fact that NM has my size, i kind of want to take advantage of it.

    So what do you guys think would be a better choice? Here are links to each so you guys can check it out. TIA!!


  2. Sorry I can help, I can't see the pics.
  3. I know, I'm sorry! I edited & I provided the links instead. They should work now. Thanks! I would appreciate your input!
  4. Ohh I really fell in love with the mocassins!! They are just beautiful! They seem so confortable! Onteh other hand, I also like the rain boots, however, I belive that those you can only use for winter. At least in my opinion, I think the mocassins, will be great all year long, not just right now.
  5. chloe for sure! You will get to wear them more often than the rainboots.
  6. CHLOè!!all the way!!
  7. Chloe!!! Love those shoes. Who cares about practibility, they are way cuter! lol
  8. get both!
  9. i just ordered a pair of the burberry boots! imo, i say burberry! good luck with your choices.
  10. Chloe moccasins :love: , Burberry boots :yucky:

    Sorry - don't mean to offend anyone, but just my personal opinion/taste.

    The moccasins look so comfy and the leather looks so soft and buttery! GORGEOUS! very nice luxe cazh!
  11. I prefer the mocs. I've never been a big fan of burberry, although plaid is supposed to be hot this fall.
  12. uhkiwi, i wish i could get both!

    but i decided that i would be better off with the chloe for now since i can use them more. i'll get the burberry next month once it gets a little bit colder.

    thanks so much guys! you have been great help! glad to know the majority is with me on this one! i was just real happy they had a size 5!! :yahoo:
  13. def the chloe's..you'll get your money's worth..but the boots will prolly last you a lifetime cuz u'll prolly wear it a good 15xyear. funny thing i'm looking at gucci flats but a wallet seems more worth it [​IMG]
  14. thanks ms_izze! :graucho: the wallet sounds better. but which do you feel you 'need' more?

    im so excited to get the mocassins! i did fedex 2 day shipping lol. ill post pics as soon as i get 'em! :choochoo:
  15. I got the Burberry Lisson Classic Check rain boots, and I really like them. At first I was kind of uncertain about them, but once I wore them they looked very pretty and were quite comfortable too. HTH.