1. Hi everyone I recently saw a girl wearing a pair of Burberry rain boots just like the picture below, except they were set in a navy dark blue nova check plaid pattern and had red lining on the top of the boot and around the foot. I have searched high and low for these boots, but I can never seem to find the navy blue, red lining color combo, does anyone know where I can find them? thx alot!
  2. :confused1: I don't think I have seen the one you are talking about. Have you tried calling a Burberry store? Perhaps you can describe it to them?
  3. or checking a burberry outlet. They may be past season. I saw a pair that was all black had a folded over check patterned. They were our of season.
  4. I agree- try the outlets. They had TONS of rain boots at my outlet when I last visited.
  5. do you by any chance know how much they were priced at?
  6. well in case any one will be in london, at the burberry outlet, the burberry novacheck pink boots were about 19 pounds and the regular beige novacheck ones were i think 25 pounds. i thought it was soo cheap compared to the US but i didnt get any =T
  7. i think i saw a pair at the tysons 2 burberry the other day...with the colors u described...good luck finding it :biggrin:
  8. 19 POUNDS?:nuts: (faints)
  9. yup 19 pounds! i almost flipped out and bought it but my bf refused to carry it around london (since we were supposed to be touring) :rolleyes:
  10. Wow that is a good deal.
  11. ok I really really need some rainboots in the light blue check print..you know what i'm talking about? i'm not even sure if they make them, but if you've seen some anywhere, please tell me! thanks