Burberry Rain Boots Can't Pick Just One

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  1. so i need some opinions.

    its either the short nova hearts rain boot or the short check rainboot? which one should i go with. i purchased both and love both of them...thinking the check rain boot is a classic so its good forever and i'm very drawn to it. but the hearts collection is limited edition and cute and fun!

    which would be your go to rainboot for every rainy day??

  2. They're both nice but I prefer the classic check. The heart print is a little too cute for my taste and wouldn't work well with my wardrobe. If you like the heart print and it's LE maybe keep that one and then in a few years get the classic one.
  3. This is a little tough for me. The hearts looks so fun, but the check is probably a little more practical and classic....hmmm. I'd probably go with the check.
    Luckily both look great, let us know what you end up deciding!
  4. I like the short Nova because it's clearly Burberry if you look closely, but it's not so in your face as the standard check. I like to mix it up a bit.
  5. I like the classic check in the rain boots!
    I also love the weatherboots as well:love:
  6. I like the short Nova. The hearts are not that bold ( unlike the taller painted heart ones). The hearts are fun and unique and a perfect choice for reainy dreary days.
  7. I like the classic check the best
  8. CUTE!!!!! But I prefer the classic ones :yes:
  9. I also prefer the classic check ones. I have a pink pair and a pair of the classic check pattern.
  10. ohh!!! i love the hearts!
  11. I prefer the check, it's classic. I have a pair, black studded.