Burberry rain boot size

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  1. Those are so adorable ♥ Good luck in finding the right size!! I have suhc a hard time to find boots!! I feel your pain!
  2. thank you :smile:
  3. i have these same boots and had to go a size up b/c i wanted to wear socks. not sure about shaft, but if it's tight i think shorter ones would work better, they would fit better underneath jeans too, especially if you wear straight leg jeans.
  4. Thanks kitty nyc.

    I tried one size bigger regular and mid-calf and they both fit.
    Actually I like mid-calf boots better so I am keeping them :smile:
  5. Burberry boots are usually sized small, so you would have to order one size up; that would be a size 8 in your case.
  6. I have the same problem. I ordered a 6 which is my normal size and the shaft is too tight. I can get them on but not able to tuck my jeans in. I don't ordering a size will help that much. thinking of just returning for refund.
  7. Yes.. my foot fitting was alright but not the shaft..
    ordering one size bigger kinda helped me.

    But you should think about getting mid-calf one!
    I can tuck my jeans in. With jeans I think mid-calf boots are actually better! :smile:
  8. love the boots... i want to get a pair too!!!
  9. My friend usually wears a 37 and she had to go up to a 38 so I would say try that!