Burberry Quilted Jackets

  1. Hi all! Im thinking of purchasing a quilted jacket in black, just the basic constance style, and was wondering where to get the best price? The Burberry outlet near me has them for $279, has anyone seen anything better (other than on eBay)? Do they ever go on sale anywhere? Thanks!
  2. I would get it from the outlet. They are great jackets.
  3. they go on sale every winter, I pick up a new one every couple of years in a different color.
  4. ohh swanky mama where do you find them on sale? How much do they go for?
  5. I would like to purschase one too in NYC. Any ideas for the best place to buy?
  6. If you are willing to wait until Burberry's sale in May/June you might be able to snatch one for $219. My mom has gotten lucky over the years and has gotten them at that price. The only thing is that you are gambling the sizes and colors that are available.

    I don't recommend that you purchase them from the outlets. The ones that they make there are made especially for the outlets and are of inferior quality. (...Or so the sales lady said.)
  7. Yeah, the outlet ones are cheaply made.

  8. Wow $219 is a great price. I might have to pick another one up if I find one at that price.