Burberry Quilted jacket -

  1. I am contemplating this jacket. Does anyone have this? Opinions?

  2. I see a lot of ladies in Chicago wearing this jacket. I like it a lot!
  3. Cute and very functional for all occasions :smile:

    But I'm going to tell you probably the queerest thing you will ever hear about this style of jacket and you are probably not going to believe this:

    Once British people buy this type of jacket they wear it and roll on the floor. Actually don't take that as literal but they seem to think that an aged jacket looks 'cooler;' more old-school so they intentionally get it scruffed and don't wash a year and leave it to the weather, etc. The whole thing comes from this jacket maker (Barbour).

    I'm just putting this forward for you to consider to complete the intended Burberry 'British' look!
  4. I don't like them that much.... Way too conservative for me....

    But Bee...Bee is right. Barbour is the original. Much more "old money" than Burberry....
  5. Thanks ladies. I am not really concerned about looking old money.. just want a cute, functional jacket. I saw a woman with one and and she had the sleeves rolled up and it showed the novacheck lining - it was so good looking. I am not sure if this one has it or not.
  6. Good for you!
  7. My mom has this one...I like it. her arms are short, so she has to roll up her sleeves too. but for my quilted jackets, my arms are long, so I don't roll up my sleeves. it all depends your length!

    These quilted jackets can take quite a bit of abuse. :yes: so it's VERY functional.
  8. I have that jacket! Here in NYC it seems like every girl I know has it. Many of my friends, almost every mother I know on the Upper East Side, and tons of their KIDS. Yep, a whole bunch of the 3 and 4 year olds I teach have it too.

    It's a great jacket. It's good for in-between weather in spring and fall. I have it in black and roll up the sleeves a bit.

    The one problem with it is that sometimes the stitching comes out. The first one I bought was fraying all over after only a week and I brought it back to Bloomingdales. They told me that this sometimes happens. A lot of my friends have the stitching hanging off all over it. When I bought my 2nd one at the Burberry store, they told me that if it happens to bring it back and they can fix it. But so far my new one has been fine.
  9. I have one and the quilted stitching on mine has also come out. The pockets are not placed in a position where it's comfortable to put your hands into...the pocket opening goes straight up instead of to the side, so it doesn't feel natural to have your hands in them.
  10. I think this is a classic and sophisticated jacket and what is it like $375 so it's pretty reasonable.
  11. I have it and have had it for 5 yrs.
    I've worn the crud out of it because it's the PERFECT weight for this part of teh country, I've worn it all Fall/Winter/Spring every year for 5 yrs and it's a FABULOUS jacket!
    I *think* mine's called the Constance, it has the Nova Check lining so you see it when the sleeves are cuffed.
    I love it so much I want it in a few styles and colors.
  12. I have it! I use the sleeves rolled up so the checks show. Such a great jacket.
  13. My mum has this in red and I looove it. I really want to get one in black but all the ones I've tried have been too big for me :sad:
  14. Thanks ladies. I think I am going to get it. I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of it.
  15. I've seen it at Bloomies in a few different colors and I LOVE it! I thought the off-white color was especially nice.