Burberry Quilted Jacket Lining

  1. Hey ladies and gents. I just purchased the Burberry Copford jacket. I noticed that the older quilted jackets have the classic check lining all along the inside of the jacket. This one does not have that.

    Did burberry stop using the check lining all in the lining all together? The one I purchased only has the nova check print on the collar and sleeves. Thanks!
  2. anyone?
  3. Hi I just bought the same jacket as you...waiting for it to arrive. I don't know the answer to your question but I did notice the check is used sparingly on the jacket. Enjoy your new jacket...:smile:
  4. Nice!!
  5. I tried that jacket on in Bloomingdales last week a nd had it put away so I could get the friends and family discount ..thought the nova check lining was throughout the jacket. Will have to look this week when I pick it up
  6. Picked mine up today and the,whole jackets interior is checked
  7. Just received mine in the mail and it's lined throughout with the check
  8. I think Burberry always has the lining throughout. I have a male jacket and it runs everywhere.
  9. what discount are you referring to? i'm trying to get one also and it seems like everytime bloomingdales have a promotion, it excludes burberry!
  10. It was their friends and family discount 20%off that included Burberry not sure if it's still going on though
  11. You missed the bloomies F&F but Saks 20% is coming up next week soon!