Burberry Quilted Jacket Help!

  1. What is the difference between the burberry quilted jacket with the buttons and the one with the snaps? I do not live near a place where I can try one on, so I am not sure about the sizing and the styles..
    I am planning on ordering from Neiman Marcus and there are two very similar styles called the lancing and the constance..just wondering if anyone knows..
  2. Unfortunately I think Burberry is one of those you should try on, or know your size. I bought a trench coat last yr from the outlet - I tried on several types - In the coat I bought I ended up with a 2. My size is not 2 in any other brand, I am more like a 6. I tried on other coats too but the man there was handing them to me so not sure on the sizes if they all ran big. They knew the merchandise though - he kept insiting I was 2 but I made him let me try the 6 & 4 1st which did end up being too big. Maybe Neimans will be able to tell you if they run true to size or large/small.
  3. Interesting...I just tried on a Burberry jacket at Bloomingdale's. It was quilted with snaps and came in an off white, black and a gold color. I thought the fit ran snug. I am small and generally wear a medium but opted not to purchase it because of the fit. I could have gone up a size but didn't want to due to the fit in the shoulders. I also tried on a Hillary Radley which is very simialr with the quilting and the snaps. It ran a little bigger-like you could wear a sweater under it, I liked it better than the Burberry except that it is a tad long for someone as short as myself. I'm still looking for a light weight everyday jacket. Hope the Burberry works out for you.
  4. ^^^this is why with this brand in particular I'd want to try it on in person if at all possible... I did order a wool coat online from them though in my real size, price too good to pass up on a coat I've been wanting but couldn't find in stores near me. When it comes this week I'll update this on how that one fits. Keeping my fingers crossed. Also, my trench was purchased at an outlet - Idk maybe that batch was there because sizing was off? A trench isn't necessarily a snug fit anyway - I had to keep going down in size because of the shoulders being too big - I don't have tiny shoulders either, odd.
  5. OK - got the one I ordered online - this one runs true to size.
    This is also going back - not nearly as thick & warm as I expected it to be.
    So burberry sizing seems inconsitent to me. This is a size 6 & fits slightly
    smaller than my size 2 black trench, but how a normal 6 should fit.