Burberry questions...

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  1. Another brand I had not considered is Burberry. The plaids never appealed to me, but the color/look of this leather does. Is Burberry leather worth the price? (Are they as nice as Marc Jacobs bags?)

    Yes, I'll definitley have to makes some trips to compare.:shame: :lol:


  2. I like that first one!
  3. I personally lovw Burberry...I have the red horn toggle purse..and it is just great!
  4. Is the leather really soft? It looks soft.:love:
  5. I think the Burberry leather is really nice, Buttery. It's as nice as the MJs, on these leather bags.

    I agree with you, I really like the leather bags that Burberry has done this year.
  6. :nuts:
  7. that first bag is cute.. i've noticed i've becom quite fond of bags that have handles vs. shoulder bags..
  8. I'm hoping that the straps in the first one will go over my shoulder. To me, they look a little longer than the average hand held bag. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.:shame:

    Does anyone know?
  9. I love Burberry!!! :love: It is a great classic bag that you will always be able to wear no matter what! And I have to say that their customer service is fantastic which always makes shopping more pleasurable :biggrin: !!!
  10. I really like the 1st one. Burberry has great leather, in my opinion & lasts!
  11. Hmm, I've never been a Burberry fan, but I'm liking the first one!