Burberry Question?

  1. I have never purchased anything from Burberry before but was looking on NM and Burberry's website and actually liked some of the bags I saw. I was wondering how the check bags hold up in the cold? What do you think of the pink check and nova check bags for fall/winter? Advice would be much appreciated.:smile:
  2. I love burberry but the pink is not my favorite honestly.
  3. I think the pink is cute, but do not own anything in that line. I recently purchased a Nova check tote and wallet. They seem to be very durable and I love them!
  4. Anyone else? Love feedback!
  5. I bought one in London in 2000. It still looks new. It feels like a vinyl fabric trimmed with leather.
    bu1 (2).jpg bu2 (2).jpg
  6. it holds up like crazy!:yes: Even if you don't like them, it's hard to deny their durablily.
  7. i have a few Nova Check bags and a Bluebell Check bag, and they've held up very well in the winter. they're extremely durable, and i've knocked them around a fair bit :yes:
  8. I am a Burberry fan. They are great and last almost forever. I honestly dont like the pink candy stuff :smile: They are on sale if you check out the official website.
  9. hi, the nova check and classic check bags are all very durable due to the PVC coating. but have to be careful of denim/ink stains cause it tends to stain the bag. frequent cleaning is needed.
  10. Personally I'm not a fan of the candy check- a tad juvenille for my tastes. I do love the classic and nova checks though (the latter being the updated, bolder version)
  11. The ONLY problem I have with some Burberry bags is the design of the some of the corners - they scuff way too easily b/c they come to a point. I much prefer the bags with the rounded corners.

    I'm not a big fan of the pink.
  12. Sooo durable - my Burberry is my rainy day bag...
  13. The pink check is beautiful..pics don't do it justice..I like using them in the rain..they hold up!!
    I have the original and the pink check..[​IMG] They are soooo durable!! The wallets too!