Burberry Quality Issues?

  1. Hi All, happy New Year! This is my first post to The Purse Forum...

    I'm curious about the quality issues I've been having with my recent Burberry purchases, and I'm wondering if I'm not alone, or if I've just had very bad beginner's luck! Keep in mind, I'm new to the brand, having known about it for a long time, but not purchasing until now.

    I don't mean to be a downer here -- I ADORE the look and (what I thought to be) the quality of the Burberry brand -- but my list of issues are growing to include: an umbrella bought at Burberry.com which had a missing/defective snap that I had sent back, a glove with a blown out seam that now needs to be fixed, and a Mini Manor bag that has already been replaced once due to the nickel coating on the feet chipping off within only TWO weeks of use. I also own a shawl with a shimmery/metallic loose knit that I have to treat with the utmost respect, because if I don't the weave pulls out (VERY easily I might add) therefore misshaping it.

    Bad luck... or... should I be worried about making future Burberry purchases?

    Thanks in advance for your advice/input on this matter!
  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    It does appear IMO that the quality has gone down... I don't hear about problems with the older or vintage bags as much as I do about the newer ones
  3. Welcome to tPF!! I haven't had any issues with Burberry...I have a couple of coats, scarf, umbrella, tops etc and 2 bags...I love my burberry :tup:
  4. I love my Burberry Baby Beaton in dark nickel shimmer, but the nickel finish was coming off the leather handles and buckle almost immediately after purchase. However, I sucked it up and now I actually love it MORE: it now has that nice worn-in look.

    I've got other Burberry products, and so far they seem to hold up just fine. Perhaps the lower quality is derived from their new factory in Hong Kong?
    But you're right, we should expect better from a luxury brand.
  5. My DH bought me a burberry barrel bag that I've used no more than 5 times total. I recently took it out to use and noticed that some threads were coming loose! :wtf:
  6. I was looking for a new handbag the other day and thought this exact thing. I saw that the threading did not seem as nice as on my older bags, I sure hope this trend doesn't continue.