Burberry PVC Handbag

  1. I purchased what I thought was a fabulous Burberry PVC check handbag at the Heathrow Airport shop on my way home to America. It cost in excess of $500.00 I used it once and noticed some blue on the back side of the bag. I thought when I get a minute, I'll get it off with a bit of soap and water. I tried, but could not get it off - I even tried hairspray which is a tried and true method for removing ink stains, but nothing works. I used the bag again and saw the problem got worse. To my horror, after using the bag 5 times, the blue is all over the bag here and there, back and front. It seems that dyes from clothing get on to the bag and YOU CANNOT REMOVE IT, NO MATTER WHAT YOU USE. Burberry claims it is from blue denim, but I KNOW it is from DYES FROM ALL clothing. After checking on-line, I see that MANY people have noticed this problem. Burberry should inform its customers to be aware of the problem. The PVC material used for these bags is inferior and should be replaced by some other material that does not absorb clothing dyes. I have bags from many high end manufacturers in white, bone and other colors. I have NEVER had this problem before. FAIR WARING TO ALL!!!!!
  2. Have you tried Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser on it? I've heard that works pretty well. Oh and I've been recommending all my friends who buy the PVC to spray it with Scotchguard first before using so it doesn't transfer color. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:
  3. oh, my...i'm sorry this happened to you. for the amount of $$ you've spent on the PVC bag, we would expect a better quality material.

    i hope you'll be able to remove the stain with Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser suggested above.