Burberry purchase Yay or Nay?

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  1. Ok sorry for another thread on Burberry but I am about to make the purchase and just wanted to make sure im doing the right thing. Thank you all for your replys. I have decided to go with the Burberry pink check tote. I just wanted to ask your opinions one more time. Can you wear a pink check tote in the fall/winter? I live on the east coast. I have a light brown wool winter coat? Will I look out of place carrying a pink check bag?
    Thanks so much:smile:
  2. buy it!
  3. If you really love it, buy it.
  4. I love the pink check bags, I say go for it!!
  5. Absolutely! :yes: I think the pink check tote will look great carried in the fall/winter, and it'll match your winter coat very well.
  6. Who cares about seasons! If you love it, get it!
  7. If you love you'll find ways to work it into everything, even in winter time! By the way I love pink and brown its a pretty combo.
  8. Buy it.
  9. Definitely get it! that's like one of my dream bags!!!!
  10. Buy it.
  11. yup. go for it!
  12. get it!!!
  13. definitely, if you want it and like it, go for it..
  14. The colours are pretty light so I don't think it will look out of place. Fall/winter can look quite gloomy without a dash of pink to brighten up the attire. ^^
  15. i love burberry
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