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  1. Does anyone know the difference between the 2 lines that burberry designs, (1) burberry prorsum and (2) burberry london?

    Is it similar to Dolce & gabbana's black label line and their D&G line, where the black line is more expensive and designed by Dolce & Gabbana themselves while D&G is they're more mass produced line which is cheaper and designed by they're head designers?

    Please help. Thx
  2. i think burberry prorsum is more luxurious and definetly more expensive than burberry london..

    burberry also has black label.. at least i saw the store in Korea
  3. yes generally burberry prorsum is the most expensive, but the differences sometimes are none.
  4. thanks a ton...appreciate it!
  5. The head designer for Burberry Prorsum is Christopher Bailey. He doesn't design for the Burberry London line (which I believe is the bridge collection).
  6. The Prorsum clothing line is spectacular. The clothes usually gorgeous every season. IMO