Burberry Prorsum: Please Help me Decide Which Coat!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    Hey girls! So I'm an absolute fan of trench coats and I was looking at some of the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 collection and I fell in love with so many of the coats! I am debating between two of them(that is if I can even locate either of them). The two coats are depicted...one is a lilac color and the other is a pale beige color.

    One issue with the lilac trench is "football player shoulders" since I have petite shoulders..perhaps the coat's puffy shoulders will look awkward on me? One plus though is that the bottom can be hemmed since I am quite petite and light purple is one of my fave colors.

    One issue with the light beige trench is "giant, saggy bottom" syndrome since the ruching makes the back area poof out a lot..and I'm only 5'3" so the ruching would be at my knees, O_O. I would not be able to hem the bottom of the coat..but the color matches more outfits.

    I would love to hear your opinions!

    **and also, does anyone know about Burberry sizing? I heard they're wonderful for petite people. Does anyone know what size I'd wear? 31" chest, 23.5" waist, 32" hips.

    Thanks so much in advance!!

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  2. Pink really pretty!
  3. I absolutely LOVE the lilac one! I like the shoulder detail and the length of the coat would look great on a petite girl. :tup:
  4. I think the big shoulders on the lilac are very trendy. I would get the tan trench.
  5. omg you like them too! Def get the beige trench!Saw a pic of Victoria Beckham in it and it is :drool:
  6. Lilac. Saw a very similar one yesterday - it's A+.

    The second is nice but a BIG statement, I'd get so bored with not wearing anything else to compete.

    A trench is an investment ;)
  7. 3 votes for lilac, 2 votes for beige! Keep the opinions coming guys/girls!

    papertiger, heck yes a trench is an investment! You take good care of it and it will last you sooo many years, hehe. And especially since these coats are at least $3K each, : P
  8. beige! The lilac shoulders are too trendy and will be out of style too soon!
  9. I think they are both trendy, but both gorgeous. If it where me, I would choose the lilac. If your petit, adding some poof to your shoulders should not be a problem at all. I would lean away from the beige for the simple fact that you mentioned that you would have to have it hemmed, as the ruching would be down to your knees. You might run into a problem with that, and have the ruching ending up looking not right. I vote Lilac!

    Good luck and let us know what you choose.
  10. I vote for beige. The color is classic so it's just the different style that pops. I agree that the lilac shoulders are a trend, and also don't look good on petites. And you are a tiny little thing, I don't think you need to worry about the bottom being too big. Have you tried it on and it actually went past your knees though?
  11. lilac! I think the beige ruching is going to be too much on your petite frame.
  12. 5 votes lilac and 4 votes beige! I'm still really undecided and it seems the votes are about even!
  13. I love everything lilac, but the shoulders are just too strong for someone petite. I also think that trend will be well on it's way out soon. You should go for the begie...too bad the beige one doesn't come in lilac!

    As for sizing, you would need a size 2 in Prorsum (smallest size), but your measurements are so tiny you may probably even need alterations. I am much shorter, but "thicker" than you and I had to get plenty altered off of my size 2 coats. At least the alterations are complimentary!
  14. ^petiteasiangirl, thank you so much for the sizing help! They said I would need a 38, their smallest size which I guess is equivalent to a 2? And alterations are complimentary eh? That would just sweeten the pot! You don't think that if I had to have the beige one altered at the bottom, that the beautiful, ruched knot would be ruined?

  15. I like the beige one but as you said if it has to be altered I'm afraid it won't be as nice...