Burberry Private Sale Online 11/8-11/12

  1. oh why oh why can't the trenches go on sale??? I am dying for a burberry trench coat! Does anyone know if these will go on sale to make room for spring?
  2. holy crap....my cc can't stand this sudden barrage of sales!!!!!! but thank you ;)
  3. ssangit, i was hoping that they'd have the trenches on sale too!! boo :sad:
  4. Any scarves on sale?

  5. 3 scarves on sale that are not check though.
  6. The discount is not showing up in the cart....
  7. I just ordered a small beaton... I got the discount applied in the cart. =)
  8. yea, how does this work?
  9. Thanks for the post!!!!
  10. Thanks for the post!
  11. :confused1: i dont see the discount either ? are the prices listed the sale price ?
  12. Still trying to figure this out too. Also after viewing an item I clicked on 2007 Private Sale & view all. A few things showed up that I didn't see before. You can also look into the regular sale area to see if any other scarves are on sale.
  13. Thanks for the posting.