Burberry Private Sale Online 11/8-11/12

  1. Thanks for posting!
  2. Do i just buy or do i need to log in??
    So does everyoen who buy on that day get sales?
  3. The sale is on in the stores too. I called to get a price adjustment on my Baby Beaton and they agreed to do it! Yayy - now I can get the matching shoes too!
  4. hello. do u know if the in-store private sale is for anyone or do they verify you for the sale? thanks.
  5. when I placed my order over the phone at one of the burberry stores they verified that I had made purchases in the past.
  6. The sale is for anyone in the store
  7. are there any more upcoming burberry online sales as i missed the one from a couple of week ago? :sad: thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing
  9. does anyone know if we should expect to see another private sale before christmas?
  10. Yes. Thank you for asking this question! I will love to know more about that myself!
  11. The salesperson at the Burberry store said there would be a sale on the 28th. I'm not sure if it is a private sale or their after-Thanksgiving Sale. Hope this helps!
  12. I just received a postcard in the mail that says a sale starts Thursday, November 29, 30-40% off selected items. The postcard does not mention a private sale.