Burberry Private Sale Continues!

  1. Hi! I just wanted to let everyone know that the link for Burberry Private Sale is still working and they have added new and higher markdowns. When the sale first went up I ordered a polo at 30% off and I just got another at 40% off!

  2. Thanks, I will check it now!!!
  3. is there a code needed? the discount was not applied at checkout.
  4. you probably need the email link
  5. Shoot... I need the email link too...

    anybody have it to post... in the meantime I'll search for the old thread...

    if I find it .. I'll post it.
  6. need email link PLEASE!! ::smile:
  7. I think the sale does not start until May 31 st. I recieved the sale invitation in the mail that said the Burberry's sale is Thursday may 31st.
  8. :woohoo: thanks!
  9. Ok, I found the OLD link... but it links to the OLD sale from May 4 th-- so NO GOOD...

    we'll have to all patiently wait for 5/31 when another sweet pfer posts the email link... :tender:
  10. i found out that the sale is public and is also taking place in stores, so call a burberry near you and ask what will be on sale
  11. Hi AndiM, i followed the private sale link and have 3 items in my cart. I've already reached the point where they are asking for my cc details, how come the discount is not yet applied? I'm afraid to give my cc details as I may be charged full price! Help... is there a promo code I have to use?
  12. the private sale last year charges my credit card the full price and then i called them and they credited back the difference from the sale price. does anyone know if it applies to this sale too?