Burberry Price Increases!

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  1. I've been stalking Burberry trench coats for a while and mulling it over. I found to my surprise that over the past few days, Burberry.com has made some pretty hefty price increases to most of their Trench Coats and perhaps to their other items as well.

    I found that at least all of the trench coats I had been looking at have increased by at least $50 - for example:
    Long Cotton Gabardine Leather Epaulette Trench - $1,695 from $1,595 (but says $1,895 when you scroll over the it on the Trench pages - perhaps signs of a further increase?)
    Long Cotton Gabardine Trench - $1,550 from $1,495
    Long Cotton Gabardine Hooded Trench - $1,695 from $1,595

    My advice: If you were contemplating purchasing a Burberry coat - buy it now! It appears as though the boutiques have not yet increased their prices as they were carrying the Long Cotton Gabardine Trench for $1,495 as of yesterday. In addition it most likely be a few weeks before the department stores push the discount through to their merchandise as well.
  2. Yeah the tote I bought a year ago is $150 more. LV increased their prices as well. Not sure the reasoning behind it. Their prices inflated while the rest of the economy hasn't lol.
  3. Price increases happen alot! Burberry Prorsum bags for Men only used to be in the 1000-2000 range in 2008-2009 but now they are all above 2000 for the most of them.
  4. Yes it happens. A trench that I purchased earlier this year went up by $100 within 6 months. A lot of high end designers do this.
  5. Also noticed the price increases… their revenues must be overwhelming despite the recession that we are in if they can increase their prices :sad:
  6. Indeed, they are all laughing on their way to the bank.
  7. omg...every brand is doing this bcuz a celine sa told me celine is having price increases starting nov 1! Yikes!