Burberry Porsum

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  1. 1390 tote.jpg $1390
  2. I've been eyeing the Cinda burberry print bag for awhile now (it's your 3rd photo). I'm waiting for it to go on sale at Burberry.com. There was a red Cinda bag that went on sale last year for almost half off! ::waiting very patiently::
  3. Yeah I dig the Cinda. I just didnt feel like posting the names (lazy). LOL!
  4. I really like the first one, I love the color.
  5. I am loving this one! :love: Burberry does have some nice, all leather bags this season.
  6. I actually ordered the cinda during the summer, the checkered one but then my bf guilt tripped me and I cancelled my order before it arrived :sad2: I still want it but am waiting for it to on sale too
  7. Don't you hate it when bf does that to you? They just don't understand our obsessions. ::sigh::