Burberry Polo's

  1. Do the polo's just have the burberry fabric on one side of the button's sections/flaps (like where the buttons are and the button holes), or on both, or do they differ between different types of polos?

    Does this make sense? :smile:
  2. Mine have the check pattern wrapping around both sides of the button placket.
  3. my brother's polo has the check only on the buttons' side.
  4. Mine has the nova check on the underside of the button holes and the button side is just nova check not nova check sewn on the knit jersey. Does that make sense?
    Mine is about 2 months old and is the long button placket style, like 6 buttons. hope that rambling helps.
  5. these are my fave polos of all time.

    to answer your question - they differ. I have the 2 button placket and the novacheck is just on the piping of the outer placket. I also have the 5 or 6 button placket (still available at buberry.com) where the novacheck is on the panel where the buttons are. hope i'm making sense
  6. just curious, are you planning to buy from eBay? proceed with caution... tons of fake there... been a victim once
  7. More than one kind, see pics:


  8. Howd you know, glamstudio? lol.

    Ya, i was planning on buying from eBay...

    Can you all point me in the right direction? Like perhaps, post a real polo (from eBay) and post a fake one? Like the links, also.

    Thatd be superb. :smile:

  9. ^ it's kinda hard to point out from photos alone - i'm not that good yet. i just do a process of elimination, like i stay away from multiple auctions, i request for a copy of the store receipt, etc. maybe you can post the auction and we can discuss them here?
  10. or you can watch out for the sale at burberry online. these polos go for as much as 40% off :smile:
  11. :yes:
  12. I know Burberry was having a sale a few weeks ago. I am not sure if it is still going on but I know the Burberry outlets sell polos. I am not sure if they do shipping. But it is worth a call. At least that way you know what you buying is real.