Burberry Polo?

Jul 30, 2006
Newport Beach, CA
I'm thinking about getting a burberry polo because I'm been wanting it for a while. I just got a $75 gift card to Nordstroms so I was just wondering which nordstroms or any store carries a good selection of Burberry polos in Socal? I went to Nordstroms and the Burberry Store at South Coast the other day and they said they were out. I don't have to buy them from Nordstroms but I might as well since I dont' really have to pay that much out my my own pocket. But I also tried Saks and they didn't have my size. I'm a bargain freak also so I was wondering if they carry polos at the Burberry Outlet?

I want this in white: Burberry*-* Polo & Cargo Pants*-* Neiman Marcus


Dec 29, 2006
You can buy them online on NeimanMarcus. The white is $85. Probably will not find it much cheaper than that. 85 isn't too bad for a nice polo either!


That's Hot
Jan 8, 2007
Long Island, NY
the polos are 85$ each , if possible visit a burberry boutique, well worth the trip! and also, they run a little large, a small is baggy on me!