Burberry polo

  1. Does anyone have one? I'm planning on getting one and was just wondering about their sizing. Should I stick with my regular size?

  2. Not really of any help but I personally prefer the Lacoste ones
  3. me too. I already have a bunch of lacoste ones, so I really wanted to try the burberry ones and see if I like them as well. =)
  4. Ahh ok! From what I have seen I think they may be more fitted than the Lacoste ones
  5. their polo sizes really varies. their slim fit/ fitted polos run true to size but their regular polos are huge! You really need to go in and try the styles on to be sure.
  6. What do you pair your polos with? In my golfing days, I always had on a polo with golfing shorts so now I have a lot of polos but I can't figure out how to make them look good.
  7. I have one..I love it. I looove polos..I have so many! I bought my TS.
  8. I had a few but they're kind of... short. Like, the ones I bought don't really hit your hips.
  9. I usually only wear them in the summer, but I pair them with white capri pants, or a white miniskirt.
  10. I've been thinking about getting a polo from Burberry too. I sort of figured they ran small for some unknown reason. Glad to get the real information on the sizes. Thanks.
  11. :yes: I agree. Try them on to see which one best fits you. I have the slim fit polos and they are definitely my "go to shirt" when I'm in a rush and can't think of an outfit to wear. I wear mine with jeans and ballet flats
  12. I had two and they ran small. Even the SA told me they normally run smaller. I don't remember which ones they were though...They had stretch in them though.