Burberry Pink/Blue Nova Chek

  1. Hi. I am new to this forum and to Burberry as a whole. I have always looked at Burberry but never saw something I had to have until I saw the pink/blue Nova Chek recently. Is this an older style as there are none currently on Burberry's page? Sorry but Im new to this and am just seeing if its even possible for me to get a bag in these patterns anymore other then eBay etc. Appreciate the help!
  2. A lot of this pink and blue Nova styles are fom "Burberry Blue Label" which is quite the rage in Asia with teens and twens, mostly. There is a thread here in the forum about the Blue Label , check that out. Burberry Blue Label has a website of its own, if you enter the words for a search the site should turn up.
  3. Stock of Blue/Pink Nova usually are more abundant in the spring and summer.