burberry peacoat for the petite?

  1. Mom has agreed to buy me a burberry coat for xmas. I have been thoroughly looking at them, drooling all the way.

    this is my choice:


    Im 5'1, 110 pounds. I'll def get my measurements. Do you think this is a good classic peacoat? Im thinking Small or medium. will def check.

    thanks! i love it in the camel. I felt a black long top coat would be overwhelming for my frame.
  2. i think it's a great classic style that would be perfect for a petite frame. i agree, a long coat would be overwhelming on you. good luck!
  3. I think its a great coat that won't overwhelm you. You will probably need to get the sleves shortened though since you are petite.
  4. I tried that coat at Nordstrom, it was huge! I'm 5'1 90 lbs, & I was 'swimming' in that coat.
    If you want to get it, I think you'll fit sz XS
  5. well, mom and I stopped by a lovely boutique today and I am getting a beautiful black leather suede coat. I can use my Camel Ellen Tracy for winter and this coat year round. will have to post a pic eventually, its really lovely
  6. also not cheap O.o $499 but truly divine and fits me to a T
  7. My advice is to go to the store and try the coat on. I'm a few inches taller than you and the long trenchcoat looked too long on me. I bought a "short" one (here) and it looks perfect. Also I ended up getting a size that I didn't expect to. I'm usually a UK10 and I got a UK12. So it kind of contradicted the "Burberrys run large, get the size down" advice (which I'm sure applies to most people, it just didn't to me, it depends on your shape/frame). Try one on! :graucho: Also the sales assistant was really nice and informative. :heart: