Burberry Parker $264.00 @ NM

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  1. It is a very nice-looking bag! The size is good too. I am so tempted...
  2. UGH I am so tempted too but I just bought my Botkier. Of course I have been checking my bookmarks over and over and NOTHING until right after I buy something else. LoL!
  3. Me too! I just bought a Botkier small Nomad... I have been checking old NM bookmarks for medium Bianca but no luck... so I got a small Nomad and a Cairo clutch last weekend.
  4. CONGRATS. I got the Botkier Sophie (as I have been raving about all over the place.)

    And I am looking for a medium Bianca also. I know Bloomingdale's had the bronze for pretty cheap but they've been ridiculous with cancelling orders and I am looking for it in black. I don't tend to see many of those around?
  5. Thanks for posting....may need to buy!
  6. Thanks for posting it, a lovely bag but something with the straps doesn't do it for me.
  7. Great bag... i will let my sister who loves burberry know!:smile: