Burberry Outlet

  1. do Burberry outlet carry polos for women? and if they do how much do they go for??

    I love the white polo but don't feel like paying the price. This is probably current season?
    Burberry -  Polo & Plaid Kilt  -  Neiman Marcus
    I don't know much about burberry. help!
  2. Yes, they do - as far as what they are selling for - you will have to call one of the outlets. I believe I saw some on sale when I was there last weekend!
  3. I've purchased polos from the outlet before... I think I paid around $45-75 depending on the style.
  4. Last time I was at the Orlando outlets they had them. I think they weree around $50, you should call them.
  5. Yes they do but the sizes are limited (at least the one by me) and they are still fall around $50
  6. Hi lovelies,

    I also have a question about Burberry Outlets: Can someone please tell me how much the wallets retail for there (a.k.a. regular price)? Are they significantly less pricey than the ones sold in stores? I'm specifically looking for a Burberry novacheck clutch wallet (I think that's what they're called) to match my bag :love: & I believe it retails for ~$285 USD.

    Thanks for your help! :smile:
  7. Ugh..I am not sure about the wallet but the bags on average are about 50% off? Does that sound right ladies?
    Or if you get lucky or if you go during those special sales (memorial day weekend etc) sometimes they give additional discounts on top of that.

    Although it will take a good fight to get the good stuffs :p
  8. wow cool burberry outlet? any in CAL?
  9. I know there's a Burberry outlet in Nor Cal (Vacaville to be exact) near Sacramento, Davis, and Stockton

    it has mostly bluebell and candy check bags (not that many desirables) and clothes...

    at half price, it's still quite expensive for me...

    $129 for a 50/50 wool/cashmere scarf :x but i'll prolly eventually buy something there... coats are like $200-$400 nice selection and there's accessories... $50 umbrellas
  10. There's two in CA. cabazon (so.cal) and vacaville (nor.cal)

    Here's the locations of the Burberry outlets
    Chelsea Premium Outlets - Our Brands
  11. I was at the outlet in Buffalo, NY & they had polos, a lot of sizes & diff colors for $ 59, not the one you had listed in the pic, a bit different. These only had 3 buttons.
  12. Every time I have been to the outlet I have seen polo's there.
  13. And I noticed that they had a nice selection of colors also
  14. Do any of you know if the store in the outlet mall in Round Rock (Austin), TX has true outlet prices? Any idea what styles are there right now?