burberry outlet

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  1. Please excuse my Burberry ignorance!

    I am going to the Virginia outlets at the end of the month and want to know what I have to look forward to at the Burberry outlet.

    Is it last season, winter, blue label?

    I have no idea what Blue label is btw - don't know what the color scheme is!

    I need your help!
  2. I have never been to the Burberry outlet stores as there isn't any in my state. But I can tell you that Blue Label is only offered in Japan, the last I heard. Let us know how the trip goes! It might be worth the hour drive to go to the one in Aurora this summer!!!
  3. they have a burberry outlet here in vegas and last season is already in the store.. the bags w/ the white tim and some of the older designs are there.
  4. ^^^ what are the selection and the pricing like?

    i've only been into a burberry outlet store once (when i was much younger and had no appreciation for the finer things in life!) but i don't really remember much other than how expensive everything was.

    i'm planning a trip to vegas in june :yahoo: gosh, i wonder how hot it's gonna be. isn't that the peak of summer???
  5. I would say last season as well. The outlet in Vacaville, CA has rain boots, the signature bags with black/white patent trimming, lots of clothes, coats, etc.

    Prices aren't that great, a little bit lower than the sale prices at the boutiques
  6. very hot and humid!! but you'll have a blast regardless!
  7. thanks guys!

    i hope to get men's pjs and maybe a winter scarf (either wool or cashmere) - hopefully there will be some good color choices!
  8. At my outlet you can find some great deals if you go at the right time... last time I went I got a fantastic black silk dress for $69. It had been marked down from the outlet price of $169... so I suspect the retail price had originally been $300 or more.

    Lots of haymarket check bags in all sizes and styles at my outlet too.. but they weren't so much of a bargain. :tdown:

    Good stuff on the clearance rack... the nice thing about burberry is that the rtw is so classic that it's not like it really goes out of style, kwim?