Burberry Outlet Questions

  1. For me I'm looking for the shorter length in the smallest size available. Thank you.
  2. Hi. Do you know if the Niagara Falls outlet has the mottram trench in size 0 in the trench color? Thanks.
  3. Hi, do you know if I could expect big sales around labour weekend at the NYC outlet? I'm due to be there then on holidays at that time and wasn't sure if it's a good time for further savings then. Do you also know if the NYC Burberry outlet is much bigger & more variety then the Vegas one? Thanks D
  4. No, actually Burberry does not make size 0, but they start at a 2, and from the feedback I hear from customers, sometimes our 2 is smaller than a 0. I will check today to see if we have that trench, and if not, I'll see if we have anything similar.
  5. To be honest with you, Burberry is no longer going to behaving "big sales" throughout the year,and we were informed that's really only going to happen around Christmastime.

    This past Memorial Day weekend, there was no sale, you just see old age items at an extra 50% off, but sizes tend to be on the larger side, 6 to 14 seems to be it...2 and 4 are always sold out. most sizes left are 12.
  6. We do have this trench in black, but that's it as far as need ending a shorter trench, and I think right now we just have size 8 and up...we have more sizes in the longer version of this trench in black and trench color.
  7. Thank you for letting me know. Much appreciated. Hopefully I'll be lucky enough to still spot some nice things when I'm there. Even if they are not heavily discounted :sad:
  8. Thanks for the update Elise. I tried size 2 and it is quite big. Maybe I need to try on different styles to find the perfect one.
  9. To correct you, Burberry does make size "0"'s but it all just depends on the type of item you're looking for. Some do, some don't - majority have an option of zero, you just need to know your product.

    Burberry sizes do run smaller, but the size 2 for a Marystow did not fit me, so I opted for a size 0 in Trench colour. Fits great and perfect for my shoulders.

    Mottram is a full priced trench and a newer style (black and/or tortoise shell buttons), unfortunately it would not be in the outlets. Older styles could be there, you just need to call and check! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks Schrodinger. I will just grab the trench from a retail store then. It seems 0 is a fairly new size. I checked the US website and only 2 styles have the 0. In the Canadian website, all styles are showing size 2 as the smallest.
  11. There's a Burberry outlet in las Vegas
    It's stocked quite nicely in my opinion
  12. Elise- Did y'all get any of the trenches in the king fisher color or navy? I'm a sucker for blue!
  13. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you know if you carry any burberry nylon totes? If so what colour and how much?

  14. Hi. Does anyone know if there are nova check crossbody bags in the outlets, specifically the one in Niagara? Thanks.