Burberry Outlet Questions

  1. They don't have the boots or bag, but they have a similar bag that's from the 2011 Porsum runway show that is brown leather strip patterns, with the House Check in the background. It looks like a clutch, but it has a detachable cross body strap. It's $899. Retail was maybe close to $1500?
  2. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Yup!
  4. What is the average amount of men's wallets at the Burberry outlet in Niagara Falls, NY? I was just wondering if they have them in stock most of the time, especially the ones with the Haymarket design.
  5. I know there were a lot of men's haymarket wallets a few weeks ago but they are all sold out for men. I think they were going for $220-$250? I can't remember. I know they have a lot of men's leather wallets right now. They have card holders in haymarket right now
  6. Wow...that's not much of a discount compared to the regular price. From what I see from the Burberry website, the Haymarket wallets are $295-$325 ($315-$340 for Canada).

    What about the giant check cashmere scarves? Do you know how much they cost?
  7. I know some things like the signature check items don't get much of a discount because they are classic to Burberry. The mega check cashmere (thick) is $550... Let me send a pic and make sure it's the same:
  8. Is this it?
  9. No, the closest thing they have to your picture, is the picture I sent. :sad: sorry.
  10. Darn it...I hope they have it soon at the outlet. Please tell me when they do!

    Thank you very much for your help. :smile:
  11. No problem! I'll put something on the thread if they do!
  12. Yes, not all but some iconic check wallets and purses do end up in the outlet stores here in US. (I live in TX). My regular SA usually will send me a Burberry letter/postcard when new items arrived at the outlet store. The regular Burberry store will usually send me only thank you cards LOL! Item you may be looking at the Burberry website, will probably not show up in the outlet until a year to 2 years later. That is what the SA told me.
  13. I am wondering if the outlet will put things on hold for a couple days until I can go down to buffalo to pick it up. I really want a Burberry London trench coat in beige!
    Wonder if they have those in my size. (us4)
  14. What is your price range?