Burberry Outlet Questions

  1. Burberry used to have sales on their website a few years ago but they ceased doing that, and also do not keep sale items in their retail stores for very long either. Burberry outlets have last seasons shoes, and sometimes the season before that, too, for really great prices. I've seen prices go from $59-300, but timing is everything! If you see something you like, get it! The old age saying of "What's here today is gone tomorrow" surely rings true for outlets, because sizes go faaaaaaaast!
  2. Yes, shopping bags are different between retail and outlets. Retail bags have a slit where they will tie a black ribbon in a bow to close the bag, and outlet stores do not. As far as dust bags go, every handbag and wallet come with a dust bag, and that same dust bag is sent with the items when they're shipped to the outlets. Depending on the year the item was made, dust bags do sometimes change.
  3. Thanks! I received an item I ordered pre-loved and the dust bag says Burberry on it and just has the little horse symbol beneath it. The ones I have from a retailer have those things plus Established 1856. I had the bag authenticated here but I'm still wondering.
  4. Take a pic and send it to me.
  5. I've heard that in Italy there are amazing prices! Maybe because a lot of the materials, leather, and assembly are done in Italy and that cuts down on the price.
  6. Here's my dust bag. It feels exactly like my other ones - just missing "Established 1856".
  7. What year year and season was the bag made?
  8. I'm not sure! I did a reveal of it. Burberry Manor. If you check it out you might know! Thanks!!
  9. I did just look on eBay for a Burberry manor handbag, and one of the bags was shown with its dustbag, and it did look just like yours. I would actually call a Burberry retail store and ask them. The people that work there see shipment come in every week and will probably be able to give you a better answer. Also if it was preowned, does it appear to be real leather? You can usually enable to smell and feel real leather.
  10. My reveal was from earlier this month so you can see the exact bag. Yes it is real leather. It is heavy and well made. The check material on it is identical to my check hobos.
  11. I say you should be good, but call a retail store just to be safe. If you go to Burberry.com they have a list of their stores that will provide phone numbers.
  12. Do you happen to know if the outlets offer charge sends? Thanks!
  13. They do if you call during a weekday. What are you looking for?
  14. I was actually looking for a few things most particularly these boots http://ca.burberry.com/store/bags-shoes/shoes/boots/prod-37706131-quilted-leather-platform-ankle-boot/ I know they are from the prefall 2011 season but they are still full price on the website and I was also looking for this bag http://www.handbagsoutletme.com/image/cache/data/Burberry-Small-Bridle-House-Check-Belted-Clutch-Bag-Juniper-500x500.jpg
    Have you seen them around by any chance?
  15. I just bought 2 different bracelets and a wallet and they all had different dustbags. I got them from the Niagara falls outlet, and they sad depending on the item and year, the dust bags change. I took a picture.