Burberry Outlet question

  1. Hi ladies

    I am looking for the burberry ballerina travel slippers with bag and a nice burberry overnight bag for weekends to santa barbara etc. Have any of you every scene the travle slippers or weekend bags at the outlets or on sale somewhere else? I think the closest outlet to me is the one at CABAZON in California. I would appriaciate a steer in the right direction with this, as I don't want to spend a lot of money on slippers a lightly used travel stuff....

    here is a pic of the slippers (nova check or metallic will do)
    burberry slips.jpg
  2. I've never seen the slippers at Cabazon. Sometimes the outlet carries their less popular items so if those slippers are in any kind of demand, they probably won't be there.

    Give them a call anyway. I love Cabazon. So many great shops.
  3. The only problem with Burberry outlets is they don't take phone orders.
  4. I think I have seen something similar at the Burberry outlet in Michigan City, In....I'd say within the past 10 mos.
  5. Just to clarify - Burberry outlets do not take phone orders??
  6. Even if they don't take phone orders, you can call to see if they have them in stock. If so, take a drive out there and pick them up.