Burberry Outlet question

  1. This week a new outlet center is opening near where I live that includes a Burberry store. Do the Burberry outlet stores usually carry handbags/accessories? This outlet's directory doesn't list Burberry under accessorries - only under apparel. That makes me wonder. Thanks in advance for any info!:yes:
  2. I went to one last year in eastern PA (can't remember the name for the life of me, I'm not familiar with the area...) and I saw scarves, belts and umbrellas, but I'm not sure about bags as I was just shopping for a mother's day gift...I ended up buying a scarf for a pretty good price. Sorry if this doesn't help too much.
  3. there were some but nothing eye grabbing.
  4. ^^That's okay. Thanks anyway stllove! I'll go to the store either way and I'm sure I'll find something at a good price.:yes:
  5. Burberry outlet that I went to (Wrentham in MA) do carry handbags. Mostly, they are from the previous seasons (great if you are looking for the past season design) and usually very good deals since they are normally 30-40%+ discount.

  6. they're opening one in san antonio? which one?
  7. Thanks mocca and aarti!!
  8. No, there's actually a new center opening in Round Rock which is right outside Austin. It's about an hour + 15 min from San Antonio. It's weird because it's going to compete with the outlets in San Marcos which are only about 30 minutes away. But that's good for me!!! More shopping choices! :yahoo:
  9. The one near my place only has a small rack with some not-so-good-looking wrislets, clutches and umbrellas. The only time I saw them bring out the bags and put it on a table was when they had their semi-annual sales. Other than that, it's always some dingy bags. They usually sell clothings, coats and polo shirts.
  10. There's one in Buffalo that sells umbrellas, some bags (not the popular ones, ones that are in odd colours mostly), and a few shoes. Lots of t-shirts, polos, swimsuits, etc. Great prices though!
  11. I hate my town :sad: I don't know WHAT I would do if the Mall of America was not only an hour away! I need to get back soon!
  12. oo i see .. ohh ive been to san marcos last halloween... we drove there lol.. with 6 people in our (small) mercedes... lol the only outlet over here is grapevine mills... hmm
    miss.angela(MY NAME'S ANGELA TOO!!) you live in minnesota?? im flying up there on wednesday
  13. They have purses but usually not nova check purses. I've been to three outlets, two in Florida and one in Virginia. I think the quality for the price is great though - if you can find one that you like.
  14. I have been to the burberry outlet in Orlando Fl a few times. They do sell purses, but mostly clothes. I had picked up a cute trench coat last year, but this year nothing really caught my eye.
  15. The ones I've been to has bags. I've been to Leesburg, VA and I think the other one was in Tannersville, PA.