Burberry outlet presale+xmas aftersale info. Also link included on bottom I need help

  1. Hello everyone. I was so busy and couldn't post b/c I rushed out after I got the flyer in the mail about the sale.....I left 5 min after I got the flyer...

    Burberry OUTLET IS (NOT MAIN STORES) is having their after xmas sale for preferred customer sale that started yesterday (12/23).

    Deals are:

    ADDITIONAL 75% OFF select men's dress and sport shirts, select men's trousers, men's sweaters, and men's and ladies golfwear.

    ADDITIONAL 60% OFF select men's suits and sportscoats

    ADDITIONAL 50% OFF ladies sweaters, winter hats, mufflers, gloves, handbags (all accessories exclude novacheck items), and select men's and ladies outerwear (some outwear priced at 30% off) all women's long wool/cashmere coats are additional 30% off only.

    Please check your store (call b4 you go) b/c it may be only for the outlet store I went to.

    I hate doing this...but I'm desperate. I WILL ONLY ANSWER ANY QUESTION about pricing and items ONCE YOU GIVE ME A REPLY to a very pressing problem that I posted about in this thread.

  2. My question has been answered.....sorry for the conditional thingy...hope you understand....
  3. any size 4 ladies coats- what prices? thanks :smile:
  4. Plain..it's dependent on store to store... the info is useless. All ladies coats are additional 30% off. THe price range after all the discounts were around 200-220$ for women's coats...course this was for wool blends and non prossum lines.
  5. Heck why not post everything that i know.

    Cashmere scarves:

    With exception of ANYTHING with a novacheck mark (whether it be the beige standard or blue or black or grey or pink or sky blue) the cashmere scarves were marked down to about 40$ from 225$-300$.

    Regular silk scarves were around 12.50$.

    Gloves (no brown or black) but green, red, olive, dark blue, purple were around 29-50$. These were additional 50% off already marked down outlet prices.

    Women's sweaters...also very dependent on style..but if you wanted to pick up a single colored classic grey, black, ivory, baby blue, red...wool, cashmere stuff...most were around 40$ after all the markdowns (original from 200-400$). Short sleeve t-shirts in wool and cotton were around 25$ marked down from about 200$ or so.

    Quilted jackets...not so great colors (a murkish jade like color) was 99$.

    A saw a couple of down jackets that were very form fitting and stylish for a younger person (brown)...cost was around 220$ after all discounts.

    I saw many many jeans in sizes 10+...cost was around 40$.

    FOr mens:

    All dress shirts were pretty much about 12.50$.
    Large selection of pants at additional 75% off brining price down from 250-300$ to about 30$.

    I bought a XL robe price at 300$ originally for 12.50$.

    There was a sportscoat section marked at 49-99$ for men fairly decent selection but definiltey fro an older guy.

    I saw many sweaters....great colors navy black classic whatever..for additional 75% off and price for all sweaters didnt exceed 30$ (marked down from 300+$)

    I saw bags.........only novacheck on sale was a pink bostonbag like thing very small...can't remember the price cuz i didn't even bother with it....but bags were the most expensive in the store.

    Burberry golfwear was picked at the store i went......but everything on the rack was like 15$-30$.

    Suits were additional 50% off..but it's one of those things I didnt bother to check but i know the price is aorund 200-300$.

    So should I take pics of what I got and brag? :yahoo:
  6. YES, Please do so. TIA
  7. thank you for posting!! do they take phone order? TIA
  8. does anyone know if this sale is at the wrentham MA outlet?
  9. like to see the pictures
  10. Can anyone recommend some free programs out there wihtout spyware adware that can resize jpgs? I don't have photoshop here at home and the size of my files are like a meg each. I can't upload them and I"m not willing to take a pic of all the thigns again.
  11. waiting for pics!
  12. do you have windows? if you do, then under accessories, you should have a program called "Paint." you can resize photos in there...hope that helps!
  13. Used my camera program..worked..paint doesn't work btw...it crops but does not resize to smaller file size.

    Here are some samples. Enjoy~

    My mom is gonna be very very happy. She's lucky to have a son like me~
    burbcashblue2R.jpg burbgreycard1R.jpg burbhandbag1R.jpg burbpastel1scarfR.jpg burbivoryscarfR.jpg
  14. more
    burbbeigetshirtR.jpg burbhandbag2R.jpg burbpinkcard1R.jpg burbivorysweater2R.jpg burbsweatervneck1R.jpg
  15. I've called 2 outlets (vegas & orlando) and they won't do phone orders...any idea if any other outlets will?