Burberry Outlet in Roermond, Netherlands

  1. Hi Guys,

    there is a shopping outlet center in Roermond, Holland (close to the German border, near Duesseldorf) and I am going there for a day in April. I emailed the center about several brands I am interested in and they answered that a Burberry outlet will be opening there in March!!!
    Keep your fingers crossed that they will indeed open on time!

    Is anyone interested in going there?

    Regina :wlae:
  2. OMG!! really?? my parents live in Venlo, just half hour away from Roermond. This is wonderfull news! I myself live in Amsterdam, but we only have 3 Burberry dealers with very limited offer.... Can you imagine: ALL scarves were SOLD OUT with X mast:crybaby:
    and there weren't even reduced in pricing...

    Thx for your msg!

    xx Amy
  3. dear regina,

    i live in cologne and i would love to go to the burberry outlet some time! please let me know how your trip was and if it´s worth going there!

    best regards (oder liebe grüße :smile:) :yahoo:
  4. Hi! I'm going to Dusseldorf in March! Can I ask for then name of this shopping outlet?
  5. Hi there ladyblunt and janechin76,

    I am going to the outlet on April 19th (that's a Saturday); if anyone of you is willing to come along, you're both welcome...
    If you want to find out more about the outlet, look here:


    That's the link to the German site, they also have the site in English, Dutch and Japanese, I think.

    Viele Grüße,
    Regina :tup:

  6. I went to roermond last sunday and bought a trenchcoat for 440 euro! However, there is a flaw and I realised it when I got home. Lucky for me Burberry oulet offers a 28 days return policy. So if you wanaa buy something, please check if product is ok. The SA even mentioned this to me cause their collection includes small defects.
    Reagarding their collection: WOW!! A lot of purse, especially the Nova check in all kinds of models. Trenchcoats and assecoires are in the collection too. Every 2 weeks they receive new stuff.

    enjoy if you are planning to go to Roermond soon!!
  7. Oww, I think I must go there very soon! Are they open every sunday by the way?
  8. yep, they are.....
  9. ^ Do they also sell the scarves?
  10. As far as I know they do have scarves.
    I am already counting the days... three more weeks... Let's hope that there is no change of plans...
    Regina :smile:
  11. Hi Regina!

    Have a good trip! Hope u make lots of good buys!

    I'm going to Amsterdam and Drupa in June for a business trip all the way from Asia,s o I'm going to try to make my way to the outlet. I would love to get a classic trenchcoat.

    Let us know what you get. :smile:
  12. ^ They have an outlet store in amsterdam where they have some burberry as well! It's at the Rokin (street) just besided the Dam square....

    I went to the outlet today in Roermond. They had a lot of purses. But I noticed some prices are not correct. Almost all bags are second choice (have a small flaw), not all, but they are all labeled as such and are suggested lower priced than retail. But I noticed some bags are 'reduced', though I knew the full retail was the same. For example the regent bag I have was there for sale for around 350 and if you look at it on the UK website, you can still see it is the official retail...I thought that was really misleading! Some items are indeed cheaper, but just make sure you know what the 'real' prices should be before going there...

    O and there were quite some scarves and a LOT of jackets/coats and shirts. I do think Burberry was the only store worth going to that outlet for (also the D&G store is nice), but it's nice to have seen it. I bought a hat again, only a summerversion and a bag for my BF's mom. I'll post pics of it later on when I can.
  13. Neat! I'm glad that you girls are finally getting some outlets around there!

    Regina, which city in germany do you live near? I spent some time in Hamburg when I was in college, and I have a great friend near weinheim!

  14. Please be aware of small flaw on trenchcoats as well!!
    I am returning mine.... There is a small flaw on one site of the shoulder. I first thought it's because of the frabric but when I got home I found out it is a FLAW since Burberry trenchcoats don't have it!! (I Checked afterwards on their website)
  15. I live in Hameln, about 40 km south of Hannover; Hamburg is about a two or two and a half hours drive to the North.
    I was in Hamburg two weeks ago for a meeting with a couple of ladies from the German bag forum. :tup:
    Roermond in the Netherlands is about three and a half hours away.
    Regina :smile: