Burberry Outlet in Las Vegas

  1. I'm going to Las Vegas in a week.. actually the day I arrive is black friday...

    Can anyone let me know how crazy it'll actually be?

    Anyone been to the outlet recently.. maybe can give me a heads up as to what is in store?

    Do they put items on hold if I call ahead of time?

  2. i'm not much help but i wonder what's there too! lol :smile: i'll actually be in vegas on sunday! :yahoo:

    ..i wonder if how black friday will be there too.. :O i won't be gone before then though. hope someone gives you some helpful info!
  3. Your going to be in vegas for black friday too!?!? haha i think its going to be insane i kinda wished i booked my flight for this wekeend or the weekend after :wtf:
  4. I actually haven't been to the Burberry outlet in awhile. But its not close to strip at all. Depending on how fast you drive, it can take 45minutes to an hour to get there.