Burberry outlet Cabazon CA

  1. It was beyond packed with people 2 tables of bags nothing that really caught my eye. They had 2 manor bags in large the all leather bright red. Its a much bigger bag in person than I realized but still beautiful. Cashmere scarfs were there by the ton all colors from brights to camel. I found one I loved here it is. Lots of wallets $199 only 2 umbrellas in pink check $69. I had fun. I wish I had more cash to spend :O)
    scarf pic
  2. Unusual colour... despite the candy colours the scarf looks really elegant and quite subtle. Well done!
    Regina :smile:
  3. Nice scarf! I really love Burberry's scarfs they are soo warm and comfty.
  4. wow very pretty! What other colors did they have for the cashmere scarves?
  5. in the 100% cashmere. camel ,trench, red, hot pink, light pink check,and a colorful one had pale back ground with bright lines of pink orange and yellow. :O)
  6. how much was the scarf, i plan to go this weekend!
  7. omg that scarf is gorgeous! Man I sooo wanna go the outlet now. lol.
  8. went this weekend, saw a scarf like the one inch bought but i was eyeing the pink one. It was a lil under 200, i think 179. Scarf sets were around 60 bucks but only found in green. It was very clean and organized compared how it is in there usually but nothing caught my eye worth buying.
  9. Love the colors on that scarf.. Congrats!
  10. :smile: I was there last weekend! I love your scarf!
  11. I love it!! Looks so warm and soft. Congrats