Burberry or Coach?

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  1. Hi Ladies! Im on a budget but need a bag for the fall. Would you recomend a Burberry tote in pink check or tan check or a coach tote??? Please help I can't make up my mind!!!:shrugs:

    Coach 2.....Coach 1.... Burberry 1....Burberry 2
  2. coach 1, IMO.
  3. I love the Coach 1, also. Burberry 2 is also cute.
  4. Personally I am not a Burberry fan so I'd go with the Coach. I have the second bag in black and I love it---it's understated and yet elegant---very versatile.
  5. I say the Burberry pink check if you want something with a little fun, but it might limit what you can wear. The brown leather Coach will go with everything, great looking bag!
  6. anyone else? I love your opinions. Help me choose!!!!
  7. The Coach totes look very similar, it depends on your preference. Plain leather bag vs a bag with logos? In terms of style, the shape of the non-leather tote looks nicer.


  8. As far as Coach vs Burberry, it really depends on the individual item/style. Among the ones you listed, I prefer the Burberry's check over Coach's logos.
  9. I like Coach 2.
  10. I'm thinking about getting Coach #2. I really like the shape and color in person. Personally, I wouldn't get a pink check pattern for fall.
  11. i like the Coach Signature tote and the Burberry Candy Check satchel :yes:
  12. i'd go with coach signature. very lovely in person!
  13. i think coach 2 is very nice. i ordered brby2, but returned it because it was way too small for my needs
  14. coach 1 or burberry 2, imho.