Burberry online sales?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm lusting after a Burberry bag (the canvas check hobo!) and I'm wondering if they ever go on sale, and if so, generally what time of year are sales? Thanks for any thoughts/advice on this!
  2. Which bag in particular? Burberry has many different checks and designs and sale depends on the bag itself. Some go on sale and some don't!:smile:
  3. They usually have sales twice a year, around December to Feb and then mid year. But as ujili said, not all bags go on sale. Do you have an authentic outlet nearby? There isn't one in my state unfortunately..
  4. This is the bag I'm looking at: http://us.burberry.com/medium-canvas-check-hobo-bag-p38982841
    Good to know that the sale depends on the bag itself! Thanks for the info :smile:

    Thanks for the info on timing! The nearest store is about 2.5 hours away but it might be worth it at some point. I guess I'll just keep an eye on things and hit the store if I'm getting desperate!
  5. check outlets many great finds there
  6. That bag wasn't part of the sale this time and I doubt it will be on sale because of its price-point but you never know! good luck! Do try the outlets but that bag has been in season for a few seasons and it looks like its here to stay for a while.:smile:
  7. I believe it's called the Burberry Susanna :smile: Just so it is easy for you to look up in the future. And yes please let me know when you come across a sale :search:
  8. I just purchased this bag over the weekend. The saleswoman acted like this was a very popular purse (at least in Columbus Ohio) so I don't know if it would go to outlet anytime soon or on sale. If you do get it though you will love it I promise!
  9. I don't think so! I visited two outlets this year, Burberry Orlando and Woodbury and didn't see this bag. Also, this bag is popular in Boston because a lot of people use it for school and this bag can be seen quite often so it is kinda popular.
  10. Just wonder will the heritage trench collection be on sale online?
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    Burberry Canvas Susanna Check Hobo
    This bag is sooo popular that Burberry increased it's price from $595 last month to $695 this month.
    If you're lucky and can get it at Bloomingdales, then do so because as of today, their price is still $595 (but it's already out of stock, because I just bought one this morning☺️).
    This has never gone on sale and is not elligible with any coupon code.
    Btw, the reason why it's cheap is because it's made in China.

  12. They have it on nordstrom.com for $595 also.