Burberry on sale soon?

  1. I went to the Burberry at the Mall of America last friday, and they were having a sale.
  2. I went to Burberry store yesterday to buy a purse and yes they do have end of the season sales on few items. Unfortunately, the one i liked and bought was not on sale.
  3. Anyone knows when the next sales will be? I am looking to buy a trench but can't bring myself to spend north of 1K ...
  4. Hello All,

    I wonder if anyone knows when Burberry 2012 sale is? I am especially interested in buying a trench coat.

    Thanks a lot!
  5. Anyone knows when the next Burberry sale is? Thanks!
  6. I know Saks is having 20% off on line & in stores on burberry and other designers right now.
  7. How about the Burberry boutiques?
  8. I'd like to know also. Love their jackets.
  9. Last I heard, and I could be wrong, is that Burberry is no longer doing sales. :cry:
  10. Vancouver Burberry is doing their semi-annual sale! all sale items 25% last ticketed price, prorsum items are marked down 60% and then another 25%. I got myself a nice trench coat for 50% off. It's the kensington with the removable quilting on the inside lining? Not sure what the exact style name is though as it was on sale so I didn't really go through much of a customer service aspect.