Burberry on sale soon?

  1. Anyone know if Burberry has a price adjustment policy for a purchase made online?
  2. seems like they are not doing markdowns online this season... there's no S/S merchandise left online at all.
  3. Hundred and one excuses on why. Some even said that, Australia is so far from anyone else and the population and demand is not that high.

    For us down here, thank god for online shopping.
  4. I purchased a trench on sale at Nordies. 30% off there as well. It was last year and wasn't one of their major sales. I was thrilled.
  5. The Nordstrom in Schaumburg @Woodfield Mall had a few bags on sale but no jackets :sad:
  6. Burberry does not do price adjustments as far as I am aware, at least they do not at the stores. It is on the receipt so I would guess the same stands true for online purchases as well.
  7. So i just visited burberry today and they are on sale, plenty of nice coat are on 50%. i got myself a double breasted raglan trench in red! Will post pictures in few days. Wish i have more moolah i would have bought few more jacket and coats. Anyway what do you guys think of a man wearing a red trench coat? I've never seen it on a man
  8. I was at a Burberry Outlet in Desert Hills, Cabazon and the coats and trenches are on sale.

  9. What was the discount on the outerwear?
  10. Still no sign of an online sale... does anyone have any news?
  11. I think they were $200 cheaper than retail. That's my experience with the sports coat I bought. Guess it depends on what style it is.
  12. Bloomingdales in-store only, had some trenches and some of the quilted jackets for 30% off right now. I saw the same trench (which I got from Bloomies this morning) and zip up quilted jacket in Nordstroms private access site for their presale online for about the same prices ($699 for trench with removable wool liner and $350ish for the quilted jacket). Other non-lined trenches were on sale for about $699, too. Nordstrom presale starts tues so I'm going to take a look to see what's in the stores.
  13. I contacted Burberry and I was told there won't be an online sale this season.
  14. hey guys is the sale still going on? any further reduction?
  15. Anyone who knows where I could get my hands on a Burberry Prorsum Knight studded bag? I died for 3 minutes when I found it sold out at Net A Porter...