Burberry on sale soon?

  1. thanks for the info, looking forward to it!
  2. They should be on sale too here in Australia since other designers will also be on sale. Time to save up some $
  3. The Burberry store in Perth went on sale last week :shrugs:
  4. If they start on sale from the 18th I'll be in Sydney on 26th hope there's still some goodies left for me :sad:
  5. Oh wow lucky you that it started earlier but then at least this way I have a bit more time to save up:smile:))
  6. does anyone know when is the houston outlet go on sale?
  7. are the classic range on sales? eg. the supernova check shopping totes.. the black ones..
  8. Nope like some of us have stated here the classics do not go on sale, the seasonal items do.
  9. when they are on sale, does all the burberry prorsum range discounted?
  10. I was in the Burberry store in Atlanta. The sale has already started.
  11. Everything is more expensive in Australia. Our retail prices are set higher to start with plus add the GST onto that.
  12. Does anyone know if the sale will be online? All the spring summer pieces have been removed but there is no link for sale items.
  13. I just wanted to ask the same question.

    Other UK-based online retailers already started with their sale, so I figured Burberry would have done the same.

    Since I have a BB account I guess I will have to wait for an email announcing the start of the sale.
  14. I have also noticed that they have been removed; I would guess that the items removed will be on sale but it has not started yet. Like I have written I was told the sale starts on the 18th so only a few days to go. I hope the spring summer items will be listed on sale, pretty sure that is the case.
  15. I've never got their email about on sale. Always "new collection" emails from them.(US BB)