Burberry on sale soon?

  1. Is Burberry going on sale soon? I want to get a trench coat but I don't want to see it on 30%-50% in 2 weeks. Btw I'm in Australia where Burberry are so much more expensive compared to the US
  2. Not likely in my opinion, Burberry will only have sale around July/August. Their items have been going so fast on the website that sometimes by the time I decide to buy something I really love it is gone. We only have one store in Hungary and say from shoes they only get one of each size and clothes too most the time so if I am in love with something I put it on hold till I can go in and buy it at full price. I do think it is worth it when something is unique and you love it, better than buying something you do not love on sale.

    Now, no clue whether Saks and other online retailers that carry Burberry are likely to have a sale before July but they also have limited selections. I would suggest that if you really love something and it is not something they have tons of, get it.

    Trenches they tend to always have but out of their classics less things go on sale too. I am not sure if Burberry is more expensive anywhere because stores are supposed to have the same prices worldwide and the site is also worldwide now so prices are the same or approximately the same in stores (depending on exchange rates too) but I mean Burberry stores and not dept. stores that may carry certain items. Shipping is also free so if you try something on and it is overpriced where you live just get it online from the official online store.
  3. Thank you for your opinion, I'm going to visit the store in two weeks, and from what I compared from the US and AU website, the same coat cost like US$ 1000 in the US and it cost AU$ 1700 when the exchange rate is US$ 1 = AU$0.92xxx :sad:
  4. Yeah that sounds like a big difference, it is kind of odd. My experience where I live has been that most items are priced similary whether you order them or buy in store, however, certain things differ somewhat, I just tried on a dress I loved in store which cost about 100 more in store than on the site (where it is about 600 USD), then other items cost somewhat less in store.

    I think in my case it depends on what exchange rates the prices were based on; in other words say the dress may have been priced a couple months back and now the USD has gone down considerably in value. Conversely, if they price new things when the HUF is higher in comparison to the USD and in the meantime the USD goes up then later those things would end up costing less in store. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I am not sure how the AUD and USD rates fluctuate but it would depend greatly on that. They do not match the prices later to the current exchange rates.

    I would suggest that you try some styles on in the store and then just order the one you like in your size because you may save hundreds then. I guess in the case of Australia there may be additional customs and shipping costs involved, hence the higher prices. I live in Europe and since Burberry is a European brand it is possible that this is why the prices match online prices in most cases.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to get.
  5. The sales people told me the trenches never go on sale? She didn't seem like a liar, but maybe she was just trying to grab a sale.
  6. I have never seen a classic trench go on sale ever, apart from during department store special events like 10% off etc. of course. Compared to the UK Burberry is more expensive in every other country I've seen when you take into account the exchange rates, maybe you can order from their official website. I'm from England and a trench there that costs £650 is Euro 950 in the rest of Europe with an exchange rate of about 0.9 so I will wait until I go home to buy.
  7. Sorry, maybe I was not clear either; their classic never go on sale, like the Nova bags or trenches, only seasonal items go on sale. Some coats or trenches in season specific colors may go on sale though just like Nova sandals or Nova bags with summer color trims but not the classics.
  8. ah I see, thanks for telling, cause I thought normally RTW will all goes on sale at the end of season
  9. I asked my SA about a month ago and he told me June (USA). But I don't know if that's a universal thing.
  10. I suppose it is, along with other brand like gucci perhaps
  11. That would be really good but I have always been told July online and August in Burberry stores. Perhaps stores like Saks, Bloomies, etc. will have their sales start earlier and that is why or it is end of June? If anyone knows for sure when online sale starts please let us know. I have tried some beauties on in the store I would like to get when the sale starts, they are still available so hopefully they will still be in June. I have gotten the Nova wedges full price as price was not bad and I wanted to make sure I can get it. Also, want to get a pair of gorgeous studded gladiators but they are not available anywhere anymore only one in my store so that is waiting for me on hold but the other things I would love to get can wait. Any Burberry SAs on here or people who postively know when the online sale starts? We thank you in advance:smile:))
  12. I have never seen the classic trenches on sale anywhere and trust me I've looked. That said, I have seen trenches in seasonal colors. I have also seen some of the trendier coats on sale at the outlets.
  13. I want their black rain boots too!
  14. They go on sale a Bloomies, My friend bought a trench that was 30% I believe.
  15. At my local store sale starts June 18, just thought of letting you all know, I am guessing the sale will start around the same time everywhere. Already made plans what to get, or at least know something for sure:smile:))