Burberry on sale at LVR

  1. In case anyone is interested in Burberyy handbags from last season, the baby pink and baby blue bags, there's about 3 pink designs and 2 blue design on sale at Luisaviaroma, 50% off... I couldn't help myself and put in a order for 2 bags, one pink and one blue :yahoo:

    luisaviaroma.com ::: shopping online
  2. Cool! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I was wondering about the import duties. How much would it be for $400 to Ca, USA?

    And I can't tell how the bags looks like. It's only from one angle. But I'm leaning towards a scarf, pink, and blue bag.
  4. :yahoo: the fedex man has just delivered both my handbags... i'm in love with them :love:
  5. you can always emal them about getting extra photos from different angles, they're always happy to do it :smile:
  6. Can you post some pics, please? :biggrin: I would love to see what you got!
  7. Saw the pink one hanging on your locker this morning at work it's lovely :P
  8. thanks Lucia :P
  9. Hi :smile: Love your login name by the way

    Here are some pics i took, apologies for the tags. I took the photos yesterday as soon as i received the bags and didn't even think to take tags off :lol:
    Burberry Blue 1.jpg Burberry Blue 2.jpg Burberry Blue 3.jpg Burberry Pink 1.jpg Burberry Pink 2.jpg Burberry Pink 3.jpg
  10. Super pretty! We have the same taste because that is exactly what I was going to get. I love them!:love:
  11. Yes, they're gorgeous :girlsigh: the best thing about the pink one is that the shoulder strap can be detached and inside theres a wrist strap so you can use it as a clutch. The wrist strap can't be detached but it's tucked away nicely. :smile:
  12. Does LVR not take Mastercards? I see that they only listed VISA and AMEX?
  13. Congrats..! How much is the blue one after discount? I love the shape of the blue one but prefer it in pink... :P
  14. Wow, your bags are soooooooo cute. I love 'em.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm looking and might decide to get one. :yahoo:
  15. the blue one was 187 euros after discount :smile: