Burberry Novacheck

  1. Is there any sales or good deals of the burberry novacheck scarfs? Should i wait for Saks sale or...?
  2. ^^ Be careful here. I heard on tPF that eLuxury was selling fake or after market nova check scarfs around Christmas time. You may want to post your question in the Burberry forum, they will know more there. Good Luck!!!

  3. eluxury? I don't think elux can sell ANYTHING burberry...I think you're referring to the BLUFLY burberry scarf fiasco if anything.

    I think there are still some left at bluefly.com but I would recommend reviewing the Blufly/Burberry scarf thread before purchasing from there....

    Also, check burberry.com, they had some scarves on sale, i'm not sure if they're the ones you're looking for though...

    I think some of the girls on here also said they got great deals at burberry outlets...check them out if there are any near you, if not call them up and see if they can ship to u

    good luck :smile:
  4. Halls Kansas City had a couple of last years Burberry Novacheck on sale for $145 reg. $225. I doubt they have any left now, but you could call and ask.
    I did hear of the BlueFly scandle. I have no clue who else has classic scarfs on sale, unless there are any boutiques in your area going out of business? Last year we had a high end boutique close and I guess Burberry was marked wayyy down.
  6. Can anyone give me more information on the Bluefly Burberry Scarf problem? I ordered a Bruberry scarf from them a little before Christmas and just wanted more information about this! Thanks so much!
  7. There was lots of back and forth discussion about authenticity (scarves are posted in the Burberry authenticate this subforum around xmas time)... I don't think it was ever conclusive? Many people thought they may be fake but Rainyjewels posted she went to the Burberry outlet and compared and it matched up exactly....

    I ordered one for my mother as a gift, so I will not be returning mine. But I did contact Bluefly and they gave me 10% credit as the description of the scarf length was not the true length...