Burberry Novacheck Pump sz10

  1. I have NEVER before wished for larger feet!!!.. AWE! I love them both SO much!!
  2. These are my sizes....you ladies are tempting me!!
  3. omg I love them both. Of course neither are in my size. Both would fit my sister and I'm thinking of getting a pair for her for Christmas.. but I wonder -- will I be *too* envious of her fabulousness when she wears these? :greengrin:
  4. wow, that's dirt cheap! they're in my sizes but eee....white canvas??? way too difficult to keep clean....they'll be done the first day they step onto rush hour subway traffic!
  5. Wow thanks! Just bought the pump. Very cute!
  6. Do the pumps run true to size?
    I would think they'd be a half-full size small
  7. Too bad....Not my size too.
  8. How did you buy the pump, NM says it is a glitch & it is no longer available even though it is posted