Burberry Nova Hobo Bag v/s Marc Jacobs Single

May 14, 2009
I own the classic large Burberry Nova Hobo and the Marc Jacobs Large Single in fuchsia. I love both. I would look at your clothes and see what bag is most versatile with your wardrobe. Keep in mind the Burberry will hold up to the weather elements better if you plan on using it in the fall as an everyday bag. You may check out my bags on my bag album if you would like.


Oct 8, 2010
For sure Burberry, I absolutely love the Nova Hobo and am not a fan of MJ bags besides I heard there have been a lot of quality problems with them recently. I think the Nova is a lot more unique too but at the end it comes down to your personal taste and like someone else has suggested it also depends on which one matches your outfits better.