Burberry Nova Check Skirts

  1. Why are Burberry Nova Check skirts so difficult to find? You would think they would offer a Nova Check mini every season, every year. Cotton in the S/S and wool in the F/W.

    The best I can find is this skirt on eBay (I loathe eBay). Any ideas where I can find a wool Nova Check mini. I think it would be adorable with a pair of tall black boots.
  2. oh you're right, that would look soooooo hot with black knee highs. let me know if you actually find a legit one...too bad burberry is sooooo often imitated.
  3. Have you checked your local Burberry boutique? I'm pretty sure they are well stocked in those every year.
  4. I bought a Burberry novacheck mini from Bloomingdales a few months back. Here's the picture I posted in the post your outfit thread.
    Dior 013.jpg

  5. Gorgeous!! Your whole outfit is adorable. That is exactly the look I am going for. Either a kilt style or a plain style would be great. I can't believe Bloomies carried it. We do not have a store in Seattle, but I will check online. Thanks!
  6. Bloomie's doesn't carry Burberry online. I know you were looking for a mini but have you seen this one on Nordstrom's website?

  7. Thanks! :yes:

    You can always try calling Burberry boutiques to see if they carry a mini. There's one in San Francisco and I believe they have it. Bloomies ran out of the kilt that I have already (at least I didn't see it on the racks last week)... Good luck on your hunt!
  8. I am so excited I found the kilt by calling Burberry in San Francisco. Got it today, and fits like a dream. Totally adorable with my new tall black wedge boots.